About us

Spa & Massage

Red Carpet Spa & Salon offers enriching wholesome wellness experience to our customers through our world class luxurious spa services. With the expertise of Bali and Thai techniques and body therapies with the hands of experienced therapists, the aromatic oils, soothing music, fragrance and ambience, Red Carpet Spa & Salon is designed to give ultimate relaxation.

Spacious, flowers fragnant, friendly people, a warm smile, a pleasant atmosphere.... yes you are reading it all correct. Red Carpet Salon and Spa has all of this and more. It is no exaggeration to say that we blend personal wellness and luxury in the right proportions. It is not just the call of the day to look and feel good but also a basic human aspiration.

We will pamper you with all goodness and guiltfree! it is a great feeling to be confident and look confident. You all deserve to look and feel the best on each day and every day. We assure you of a highly skilled and experienced team of specialists who will change the way you perceive sophistication and luxury. We personalise it for you to suit your style, mood and need.

Beauty and wellness go hand- in- hand and are great personality partners. At Red Carpet Spa and Salon we will stretch your limits of personal grooming with a wide range of services ranging from simple facials to pedicures to high end services such as olaplex , organic treatments, specialised massages and more. The list is endless. adding to the joy of services is our time tested and exclusive products. each of our products is carefully designed and brought to you after a lot of deliberation.

It's time to indulge in wellness, beauty and joy with us at Red Carpet Spa and Salon. We will surely add that zing to your life with our magic touch!


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