Junior Kindergarten

Age Group: 3.5 Years – 4.5 Years

We all tackle situations on the basis of our previous experience, which is pre-programmed in our mind. Likewise our children would have saved few programs in their mind by now. Our Junior Kindergarten program is designed in a way that would help children build on their prior knowledge and experiences to form the concepts and acquire foundational skills. By now they start saving the pictures and surrounding in the form of a theme, hence our program is ‘Activity based’ with themes comprising both individual and group activities. Curriculum is balanced with alternating active and a passive play, catering to an all round development of the child’s personality. Personality being a word with a vast space, our program and trained staff enable in the development of cognitive skills, logical reasoning by means of sorting, grouping, temporal concepts and number concepts with mathematical operations.

A child’s thoughts are beyond the reach of the satellites in the galaxies, and to fly with them in this space, our learning centers provide both free and guided play thus enhancing the child’s imagination and creativity. It’s not about building a castle in the air, but to build one which is grounded.